LS Engine Swap

As a local auto repair shop in San Carlos, the owner Fred has seen the injuries of LS Engine swap in the neighborhood and have excelled the process of getting it done.

What is LS Engine?
In 1997 GM introduced a new engine series called the LS, this engine was all new, a redesigned engine block, crank shaft, cylinder heads, ignition system. These engine make great power and torque from the start and have incredible power potential
The Ls has become one of the most popular conversion engines for the last 10 years.

It features fuel injection, modern ignition system, computerized control systems, check engine light with on board diagnostics, great fuel economy.

Why do the swap?
Many automotive technicians working in the trade today are not familiar with carburetors and older point style distributors
which greatly effects the driving condition of your vehicle.

Later model electronic fuel injection engines offer easy starting in all weather conditions, automatic adjustments
for changing climate conditions and altitude.

what we offer is taking this modern technology and installing it into your hotrod or street rod. We also offer Chrysler HEMI Swaps and Ford Coyote conversions.

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